fredag 8. oktober 2010

Mentalism and hypnotic suggestions

I'm sorry to get your hopes up with the post title. Hope you forgive me. I am actually feeling tired today, and when I feel like this, I usually give myself the day off. So instead off writing a new post, i am going to link some of my favorite videos from youtube regarding mentalism and hypnosis. Those of you who have heard of Derren Brown may have seen them before, but there's no doubt that everyone will enjoy them.


Paying with paper

Person swap

At the dog track

Trains of thought


Well, that's it. I will be back with an update tomorrow morning or later tonight. Have a nice day! :)

torsdag 7. oktober 2010


I bet most of you, my handsome followers, have found yourself to be in a position to correct a friend or acquaintance. People make mistakes, and someone always corrects them. This however is not a good thing. Yes, you do feel good after shattering someone's self-esteem, but what are they thinking about you? What are their friends thinking about you?

There isn't really any point to win a pointless argument, all it will do is create resentment and anger towards the winner. So really, there is no way to win an argument. If people have opinions that you feel are wrong, think to yourself, "does it really matter"?

Even if you succeeded in proving them wrong, they would not ever thank you for correcting them, they would be mad at you for embarrasing them. People watching would not think highly of you either, they would see you as something of an asshole.

Example of an argument:
Person: Superman and batman lives in the same city.
You: I don't think so, but you might be right though. Why don't you look it up when you get home, then tell me later? 

This way, he will realise his mistake, but he will not lose face.
My fantastic followers, you can now "win" arguments without losing friends. Enjoy the rest of your day, you deserve it. :)

onsdag 6. oktober 2010


Hello, I am still abroad, but thought it was time for another post. This time I will talk shortly about a technique for remembering things. This method helped me memorize a whole deck of cards and it is called the linking method. All you will need is a pen and paper. So lets get started.

Write down these words: Newspaper, jelly, orange, bicycle, timber, asphalt, rain, bear, sunglasses, vacation, car, pictures, money, glass, table, salt.

Now, instead of just trying to force the words into your short-term memory, lets try the linking system. Take 2 or 3 of the words at a time and link them to an image. 

For instance: I went out to get my newspaper, but it was covered with jelly that tasted like orange. I looked across the street and saw a kid playing with what looked like a wooden bicycle on the sidewalk.

Just imagining that sequence will remind me of the first 6 words. Try it out for your self. I am also posting a youtube video for those of you that want to learn more. Don't really know when I'll post my next update, but I promise I wont be gone forever. Stay sexy and have a nice day :)

lørdag 2. oktober 2010


Many people are shy or feel they don't compare to others in a conversation. Do you sometimes talk to someone, but you're too busy thinking about what to say next that you're not able to enjoy the conversation? Well, this is common and pretty easy to fix.
When you're in a conversation, you take turns talking and listening. Being the one talking is the hardest. So to relax, listen. Ask them a question, and when they start talking (remember to be interested in what they are saying) you start listening. More often than not, they will provide you with the idea for a new question, this will keep the conversation going. They will think you are a great talker even though you hardly spoke, cause they talked about themselves and their interests, and who isn't interested in themselves?

When I first started using this method I was amazed at the response I got by people I met. And after a few weeks doing this, I actually got really interested in other people's lifes! Now, I love listening to people, and I've made alot of close friends.

Another tips for when you want to talk to someone you know (someone at your school for instance): if you know what their interests are, do some research about the subject (music, hobbies, books etc.). This will make you more interesting for them to talk to. What better subject than something the person is already interested in?

Remember to relax, you don't want to seem nervous. They're the ones doing the talking, you got nothing to be nervous about.

Try it out the next time you find yourself in a conversation.

So to sum up the advices I've given you:
- Smile and be happy
- Remember names and use them
- Listen to and be interested in other people

I might not be able to post for a couple of days as I'm travelling to Holland, but I'll try. Thanks to everyone who's following me and commenting! You really motivate me to keep writing. Have a nice day! :)

fredag 1. oktober 2010

The near future / Names

Welcome back, it's great to see you're taking the time to visit my blog, I really appreciate it! Just wanted to tell you some of what you have in store if you decide to follow me. :)

What I am doing on this blog is teaching away the things I've picked up on during the growth of my interest for psychology. For the time being, I will keep posting advice on getting people to like you. Many of you have probably heard these tips before, some might not need them, but i hope reading about them here in depth will make you realise the importance they actually have, and the impact they can have on your life.  I will eventually get to the more "fun stuff" knowledge of psychology has to offer, but you can not practice them without people being interested in what you have to say, or wanting to have a conversation with you! So read on.

"Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language".
A very smart man taught me that phrase, his name is Dale Carnegie. Since learning that tip, I can honestly say I've never forgot a persons name again.
How do you feel when someone you've met asks you "What was your name again"? Or just mispronounce it? How often have you shaken hands with somebody and been so focused on telling them your own name, that you didn't even pay attention to theirs?
People like hearing their own names, and they like to hear them pronounced the right way. If someone pronounced yours wrong, you'd probably get a little annoyed, maybe even feeling like that persons doesn't really care about getting to know you. So keep this in mind the next time you meet someone new.
If they have a name that's hard to pronounce, ask them again how they pronounce their name, (this will show interest) and practice saying it right when you get back home.
Also remember that people like hearing it, so the next time you meet them; say something like "Hey, John, how are you?".

Well. that's it. Hope you enjoyed my post. Have a nice day! :)

torsdag 30. september 2010


Getting people to like you is easy. Some people doesn't even have to do anything but to be themselves, while others feel they're lacking social skills and need some help. Well, the first thing you need is a "SMILE". Yes, you've probably been told that smiling will help you get friends, still, i feel most people really underestimate it. But think about it for a second. Imagine approaching someone you want to befriend and they look up at you with a gloomy, closed-off look. You wouldn't want to hang out with them would you? A smile will make you seem open to conversation, and it will make you look like a positive person, which will attract more people to you. Practice smiling every day before you leave the house. And if you feel it's getting harder to smile, just tell yourself you're happy, awesome, or just tell yourself a funny joke. Thinking you are happy will actually make you happy.

This atleast is a start, so take my advice and never leave the house without a smile!

onsdag 29. september 2010

Hello, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

I know you are all very busy and wondering, what is this blog all about. I will use the space provided by this blog to talk about the thing that interest me the most. Human psychology. I'll start by introducing myself in the next post. It is getting late, and i need my sleep. Follow me. I will be back tomorrow.